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    Vella Pullet & Duck Grower Pellets 20kg

    Manufacturer: Vella
    SKU: BA502118
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    Vella Stock Feeds Duck Grower Pellets 20 Kg. Duck Grower has been formulated to suit all breeds of ducks from 4 - 5 weeks of age to desired weight or during breeding. For ducklings younger then 4 weeks, Meat Bird Starter is suitable as a starter diet (0 - 4 weeks or age). Adult ducks that are not breeding should be fed on a good quality poultry layer pellet, see options below. Main Features: High Quality Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources. Specialty Product - Formulated especially for domestic ducks for both meat and breeding. Energy - To assist with growth. Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and bird health. Pellets - Short Cut pellet for easier acceptance and intake by ducks. Clearly Identifiable Bag. Typical AnalysisAs FedDry Matter Energy KCAL / kg25002808Protein (%)17.0019.10Calcium (%)2.002.24Phosphorus (%)0.500.56Fibre (%)5.706.40Fat (%)4.555.11 NOTE: Trace mineral premix added, for more detailed analysis please contact Vella Stock Feeds. Feeding Tips: A complete pellet (diet) providing all requirements for growing ducks. Suitable to be fed to all breeds of ducks from 4 - 5 weeks of age to desired weight or breeding. The diet should be fed ad-lib to all ducks, no other supplement is required. Fresh, clean water to be accessible at all times close to feeders. Feed intake will vary at times, due to climate and general housing of you. Average feed consumption from 4 weeks to 8 weeks 6.00 - 6.50 kg. General Information: Growth rates will vary according to a range of external factors including housing, variable weather conditions, predators, disease, inoculations and hygiene to name a few. Phase supplementary feeding both in and out gradually to help avoid set backs. Housing should be well vented but draught free. Ensure clean, cool water is accessible at all times. Feeders and waterers needs to be easily accessible and cleaned of litter on a regular basis. Quarantine sick birds to prevent possible outbreaks. Dead birds need to be removed straight away and disposed of