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$29.50 Happy Dog 20KG


Happy Dog is the perfect every day low priced, complete and balanced oven backed kibble that is specifically designed as a maintenance diet for the lazy household dog.

  • Ideal for all breeds.
  • Highly palatable extruded kibble.
  • Balanced nutrition for a maintenance diet.
  • Promotes good health and wellbeing.


Crude Protein16%Fat8%Crude Fibre2%Salt<1%


BREED SIZECUP SERVINGS Small1-2 CupsMedium2-4 CupsLarge4-6 Cups

1 Cup (250ml) holds approximately 200g of product.
These recommendations should be varied to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Often wonder how you weigh your horse??


 Knowing the weight of your horse at any particular time is important.

Control of internal parasites 

These days it is recommended that virtually all drenches be used according to the size (weight) of a horse. It is very easy to underdose or overdose a horse if you do not know its approximate weight. Inaccurate dosing can lead to poor control of internal parasites and inefficient use of the drench.

Feeding and performance 

It is expensive to feed performance horses. Relying purely on a visual means of determining a horse’s performance when it is on a particular feed can be misleading and lead to higher costs. Rations designed for horses should be based on the horse’s weight and its expected performance, i.e. racing, weekend riding, lactation, growth or maintenance. By knowing a horse’s weight, you will at least know accurately the amount of feed required to maintain that weight. Rations can then be designed over and above this to achieve a particular function. 


 Weight (kg) = [girth (cm2 ) × length (cm)] ÷ 11 000  


Meals for Mutts



 Meals for Mutts is a premium quality, holistic, organic and totally natural food for dogs. Meals for Mutts ingredients include premium proteins as well as a superior digestibility factor and great palatability. 

Grain-free options are also available - something that is important for carnivorous dogs, as well as dogs with a sensitivity to grain. When you buy Meals for Mutts dog food, you are ensuring your dog receives top-quality nutrition with natural, holistic ingredients. If you want to know more about natural, grain-free diets for dogs.

Chickens will love this Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth)


 In an eggshell, food grade diatomaceous earth is essentially finely ground and processed fossilized algae. Yes, you read that correctly - fossilized algae. Odd though it may seem, fossilized algae, often referred to as diatoms, contain a highly beneficial chemical compound called silica, which makes up 26% of the Earth crust’s weight – so it really is everywhere! What people don’t know about silica and processed diatoms – diatomaceous earth – is that they have a whole array of benefits for your poultry’s health; from treating worms to eradicating mites and lice. This happens because the diatoms are essentially very fine, sharp and abrasive particles that eliminate parasites by drying out the natural oils and fats on their exoskeletons, which causes them to shrivel up and perish relatively quickly. No yolk – it’s pretty impressive stuff! The good news there is no significant risk of diatomaceous earth having the same effect on you, your chickens, or anything else larger than a mite. 

Arthritis in Dogs



Pernaease Powder

Pernaease Powder is a daily health supplement recommended for dogs of all ages showing signs of arthritis. Pernaease Powder is all natural containing no preservatives, artificial flavours or fillers. This supplement is rich in marine concentrates such as Green Lipped Mussel, Shark Cartilage and Abalone Powder.

  • Joint support for dogs showing signs of arthritis
  • All natural rich in marine nutrients
  • Daily powder for dogs of all ages

Pernaease Powder joint supplement also contains Glycosaminoglycans such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate. These ingredients reduce pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint disease. Pernaease Powder will support and lubricate your dog’s joints and keep them more comfortable and active for longer. Have a look at our joint care page for other helpful products Joint Care

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