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    Vella Meatbird Finisher 18kg

    Manufacturer: Vella
    SKU: BA509618
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    Meat Bird Grower / Finisher Pellets have been formulated to suit various poultry and game birds including: Turkeys (7 - 8 weeks to desired weight) Broilers (4 - 5 weeks to desired weight) Game Birds (Quail, Guinea Fowl & Pheasants, 4 - 5 weeks to desired weight) Main Features: # High Quality Proteins - No urea, all protein in the form of true proteins sources. # Coccidiostat - Assist against coccidiosis. Nil withholding period for meat production. # Energy - To assist with growth. # Trace Mineral Premix - To assist in maintaining nutritional balance and health. # Species - Suitable for multi species stock.