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    Trim 1.4kg

    Manufacturer: Kohnkes Own
    SKU: KOTR100
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    Trim 1.4kg By Kohnke s Own 70 days supply Features and Benefits : Nutritional supplement to assist weight loss in horses For overweight horses and ponies with cresty necks, fatty deposits, horses, or ponies at risk of laminitis Also assists horses and ponies with Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance Helps to normalise the metabolism in good doer horses and ponies NOW PELLETED. SAME FORMULA - SAME GREAT RESULTS Unique Design : Features specific nutrients that have roles in burning dietary fat and sugar Can be used before a horse is at risk of laminitis, but can also quickly soften and reduce cresty necks and tail butt fat Beneficial for show horses and ponies to reduce extra weight quickly Does not contain any added sugars Pelleted supplement with vanilla flavouring that mixes easily into feed