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    Splitting Axe 1kg Hickory handle

    SKU: 922182
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    The perfect Splitter for the back door! It's got just the right weight to split those larger logs effortlessly, and it's perfectly balanced for splitting up your kindling. Crafted from premium Hickory wood, directly imported from the United States, this splitter is top-notch when it comes to quality and durability. What makes this splitter stand out is its commitment to sustainability. It proudly carries the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Sustainable Forestry approval, ensuring that the wood used in its construction comes from responsibly managed forests, minimising its impact on the environment. When it comes to practicality, this tool has you covered. It features a handy hang hole in the handle end, so you can easily keep it within reach by the back door. No more searching for your trusty splitter when you need it most. The triple lacquer finish not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides extra protection against wear and tear, ensuring that this splitter will last for years to come. And for those times when you set it down in the midst of the greenery, don't worry – its eye-catching 1/3 orange color ensures you'll never lose sight of this valuable tool again. Features Imported directly from the United States, featuring genuine Hickory wood Approved by FSC for sustainable forestry practices Equipped with a hanging hole at the handle end for convenient storage Finished with three coats of lacquer for added durability Warranty 2 Year Warranty on Handle