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    Relax Super Fibre Plus 20kg

    Manufacturer: Relax
    SKU: HFR1000
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    Relax Super Fibre Plus – The ultimate solution for equine digestive health. Crafted with care and precision, this exceptional product is a highly palatable, digestible source of super fibre and prebiotics, ideal for all horses. Key Features: Superior Digestibility: QPD Relax Super Fibre Plus is an outstanding source of digestible fibre, carefully designed to support optimal digestive function in horses. Its unique formulation ensures easy absorption, promoting overall gut health. Prebiotic Action: Harnessing the power of prebiotics, this advanced formula increases hindgut activity in your horse, fostering a balanced and thriving digestive system. Your equine companion will experience improved nutrient absorption and enhanced overall well-being. Safe and Nutrient-Rich: With less than 1% starch and a low NSC of 5.3%, QPD Relax Super Fibre Plus is a safe nutritional choice for laminitic and EMS-prone horses and ponies. Say goodbye to worries about unwanted sugar and starch levels in your horse's diet. 100% Aussie Lupin Hulls: Formulated with premium-quality Australian Lupin Hulls, QPD Relax Super Fibre Plus ensures a high-quality, locally-sourced nutritional supplement. The pelletized form makes it super easy to feed, whether wet or dry, providing convenience without compromising effectiveness