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    Racumin Sachets 500g

    SKU: 1205
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    Racumin Paste is a professional product that provides superior control against a wide range of rodent species. Designed as a soft bait paste formulation, the product provides a ready-to-use design ideal both indoors and outdoors. Its active constituent, Coumatetralyl, is an anticoagulant rodenticide that affects the organisms bloodstream conducting to the elimination of rodents. The product provides superior, long lasting results due to its multiple feed action, while its physical form integrates high-hood grade ingredients for a more palatable effect. Properties: - Active substance: 0,03% Coumatetralyl; - Colour: Blue; - Odour: weak, characteristic; - Superior professional product; - Multiple feed action; - Ready-to-use paste formulation; - Provided in 100 grams non-spill sachets; - Compatible with bait stations; - Superior results against a wide range of mice and rat species; - Rapid results, between 4 to 10 days; - Eliminates intruders by ingestion; - Contains bittering agent to reduce risk of consumption of non-targeted species; - Toxic to fish and mammals. Product usage: - Indoor, as well as outdoor use; - Ideal for in and around domestic areas, factories, warehouses, storage and food processing areas. Recommendations: - Use protecting gloves when using product; - Determine the areas where rodents are more likely to harbour and travel; - Use 200 grams of Racumin Paste in tamper-resistant traps or secure baiting points; - Maintain a distance of 5 to 20 metres apart; - For highly infested areas maintain a distance of 3 to 10 metres; - Protect product from atmospheric conditions when used outdoor; - Avoid bait contact with water; - Replace product as needed in order to maintain a high level of attractiveness; - Keep out of children's reach; - Avoid areas where pets or other non-targeted animals travel.