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    Pro Tub 220L

    Manufacturer: Rapid Plas
    SKU: PTTU40W
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    Product Specifications More Information Livestock Type Cattle, Horses Total Height 460, 460, 590, 590, 670, 670 mm Diameter 1110, 1110, 1500, 1500, 1930, 1930 mm Pro-Tub Water Troughs – Features These water troughs are our most popular trough with over 26 000 sold in Australia Linch pin secures float which prevents damage. This allows quick no-tools access to the float Float enclosure moulded as part of the trough therefore making it stronger Raised float allowing trough to fill completely All pipework protected by trough surround so livestock don’t damage it 2" drain bung for easy cleaning Fitted with 1" high pressure high flow valve