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    Mitavite Studgro 20kg

    Manufacturer: Mitavite
    SKU: N851
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    BALANCED NUTRIENT PROFILE STUDGRO is fortified with premium quality vitamins and chelated minerals to meet the increased nutritional requirements of broodmares, working stallions and young, developing horses. STUDGRO is also the perfect choice for performance horses requiring increased nutritional support. ENHANCED DIGESTIVE SUPPORT STUDGRO is produced using steam extrusion technology which utilises heat and pressure to reconfigure starch molecules (gelatinisation). Starch gelatinisation significantly increases grain digestibility and nutrient utilisation within the small intestine, thereby reducing the burden on the hindgut and minimising risk of dietary induced disturbance. QUALITY PROTEIN Quality protein, containing essential amino acids, is required to develop strong, lean muscle and healthy body tissue. STUDGRO contains 16% protein to support healthy growth and development of young horses, aid milk production in breeding mares and to promote muscle development in performance horses. SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES AND DISCIPLINES STUDGRO is suitable for a wide range of horses and ponies, helping to simplify feed time. Providing conditioning ingredients, coupled with quality nutrients, STUDGRO helps to maintain optimal condition whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of your horse