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    Energiser M650

    Manufacturer: Gallagher
    SKU: G32311
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    M650Powers up to 40 km - 6 joules stored energy Plugs straight into the wall making it perfect for all electric fence applications where 240v mains power is available. Other items that you may need to go with this product: Features 6 Joules of stored energy Powers up to 40km of multi-wire fencing Quickscan output voltage bar graph: shows the output voltage of the energizer at a glance Fully modular design that requires no fasteners providing easier access for servicing or module replacement Green indicator light flashes when energizer is working satisfactorily Split bolt recessed terminals with wire guide for simple and clean wire installation Surface mount technology that delivers superior quality. Performance Characteristics KM Multi Wire Fence: 40 Km Size of Property: 60 Acres/24 Ha Stored Energy: 6 Joules