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    Kuritch 500ml

    SKU: 9333
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    Kuritch repels nuisance insects on horses which have wounds or Queensland Itch, including Midges and Sandflies (Culicoides ssp.), Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), House Fly (Musca domestica). Product Benefits: Queensland Itch or Allergic Dermatitis in horses is an allergic skin condition very common in Northern New South Wales, Queensland coastal regions and southern Western Australia. KURITCH has been specially formulated to help overcome this problem. Queensland Itch, Sweet Itch, Summer Eczema and Equine allergic dermatitis are names for distressing skin conditions which affects horses in spring and summer months throughout Australia and around the world. The usual cause is a hypersensitivity to the bites of flies (in particular sand flies or midges). While the bite of the flies are an irritation, some horses develop sensitivity to the bite and will rub themselves so much that they cause injury to their skin.