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    Hoof Powder - Odour and Moisture Management 200g

    Manufacturer: The Hoof Co
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    Got Smelly Hooves? Our Bare Equine HOOF POWDER is packed with natural ingredients to help fight those funky smells as well as absorb excess moisture in hooves. Uses for HOOF POWDER Can be used as a general deodoriser to help absorb odours in hooves. Assist with thrush management simply by dusting over the hooves daily while working into the collateral grooves and central sulcus. You can even use it with hoof boots - either while riding, using for rehab or as a deodoriser when boots are not in use or after cleaning/washing. Or used on other general hoof/leg wear for horses as an absorbent deodoriser. FULL OF GOOD STUFF... Hoof Powder encompasses a range of natural clays and powders that will help benefit the overall health of your equine s hooves. Laced with the essential oils of peppermint and lemongrass which are well-known for their deodorising properties. FOR USE ON ANIMALS ONLY CONTAINS 200 GRAMS