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    Hoof Pack - Thrush Relief and Protection 200g

    Manufacturer: The Hoof Co
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    A MUST HAVE FOR MAINTAINING HAPPY HOOVES Hoof Pack is a powerful clay based pack with natural ingredients perfect for preventing thrush and stop paddock debris from entering the hoof after application. Hoof Pack is a must have for hoof maintenance whether for rehabilitation or just general maintenance. Suitable for wet or dry environments ... This Hoof Pack smells amazing and sticks so well! It is perfect to use after cleaning hooves to roll into a ball and spread into the central sulcus and collateral grooves. Perfect to keep in your tack box for those rainy days. To reduce the amount of bacteria and debris from entering the product, be sure to keep the lid on when not in use. Store below 25 C out of direct sunlight. Packed with powerful Australian Ingredients HOOF PACK is a Clay based product with the power of Manuka Honey, combined with Essential Oils, Vitamin E and Zinc for its "stickability" and its drying effect. AUSTRALIAN MADE FOR APPLICATION TO ANIMALS ONLY