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    Equine Braid 5mm x 200m

    Manufacturer: Gallagher
    SKU: G62174
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    5mm Turbo Equine Braid A reliable, highly conductive, heavy-duty braided wire designed to safely contain horses within a portable and semi-permanent electric fence. With 48 x the conductivity of standard Poly Wire, the 5mm Turbo Braid is a more reliable, long-lasting, and visible solution, making it safe and suitable for equine fencing. Turbo Braid consists of three copper and six stainless-steel strands to provide superior levels of conductivity with only 125 Ohms/km of resistance*. Compared with the 6,000 Ohms/km of resistance that Poly Wire provides, Turbo Braid is a far more reliable and long-lasting conductor for powering distances more than 400m or where animal control and high power is crucial.