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    Epi-Otic 120ml

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    Virbac Epi-Otic With a wide range of petcare products for dogs and cats, Virbac has everything you need to keep your best friend happy and healthy. With products to support dental and skin care, parasite control, as well as products for general health and vitality, Virbac really are the animal health specialists. Epi-Otic is a skin and ear cleanser for dogs and cats. It has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity in an alcohol-free formulation, ideal for the prevention and management of ear infections. Skin and ear cleanser for dogs and cats Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity Ideal for prevention and management of ear infections Alcohol free, non-irritant Safe to use on a regular basis Ideal for dogs that swim Available in 3 sizes: 120ml, 237ml and 500ml Epi-Otic contains four broad-spectrum antimicrobials, treating and protecting against a broad range of infections. It has proven efficacy against the major ear pathogens, including Staphylococcus intermedius , Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Proteus spp and Malassezia pachydermatis . When used as a preventative, Epi-Otic removes debris, cerumen and pus from the ear canal and also has a drying agent to remove excess moisture. When to use: For routine cleansing: Apply 2 - 3 times a week as needed. Routine cleansing can be performed after shampooing or swimming to help minimise excessive moisture within the ear canal as this may contribute to infection and inflammation. Before application of medicated treatment: Use Epi-Otic daily. As a preventative maintenance: Use Epi-Otic weekly to reduce the risk of recurrence. Directions for use: Hold the ear flap and lift it into a vertical position. Aim tip of bottle into the ear canal and squeeze the bottle to apply solution liberally, enabling a flushing action. Without letting go of the ear flap, gently massage the base of the ear to disperse Epi-Otic throughout the ear canal for 1 minute. Remove the excess fluid and debris with a ball of cotton wool or tissue. Repeat until the excess fluid no longer looks dirty. Precaution: Always consult your veterinarian for advice if your pet is showing signs of an active ear infection for an accurate diagnosis