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    Dermcare Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo 500ml

    SKU: WAS500
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    Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo is a gentle hypoallergenic shampoo that may be used on both cats and dogs. This shampoo can be used on both pets with normal skin as well as those who suffer from dry and itchy skin. It works in two important ways; Aloveen firstly removes the allergens from the skin with the gentle foaming shampoo base, and then soothes the skin with both the superfine colloidal oatmeal particles and aloe vera. Ideal shampoo for pets with skin allergies Soap-free pH balanced formula retains natural coat oils Removes allergens and soothes the skin Directions for Use: Wet the coat thoroughly. Apply Aloveen Shampoo to several points and massage in gently. Using a sponge can help with the lathering action. Leave on for 5 minutes to allow the soothing properties of oatmeal to take effect. Rinse thoroughly.