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    Benchmark Balancer Mash 20kg

    Manufacturer: Benchmark
    SKU: 32574
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    Benchmark s Nutrition team had a mission to create a new and innovative feed that would provide a balanced equine diet with high levels of essential nutrients but without relying on grains and grain bi-products. By utilising the benefits of super fibres from soy hulls the team were able to create a truly remarkable new feed that ticks the nutritional boxes for many of our equine friends. Highly palatable, Benchmark Perfect Mash is rich in natural antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and importantly, despite being a great conditioning feed, it is genuinely non-heating, making it a logical choice for many horse owners. Ingredients Soy bean hulls, salt, cold pressed canola oil, Benchmark Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Melofeed (SOD), Agrimos , Yea-Sacc , Alkosel 3000
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