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    Beeswax Pure Balls for Abscesses- 40 balls

    Manufacturer: The Hoof Co
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    For Abscess Holes, Hoof Cracks and more... Looking for a natural HOOF PUTTY? You need these Pure Beeswax balls. Bare Equine BEESWAX Pure BALLS are designed to be a wax covering for Hoof Ailments. Other Uses Covering over an abscess hole in the sole, or wall of a hoof after cleaning and disinfecting to stop debris and bacteria from entering. Sealing over hoof cracks Sealing in other powder or liquid treatments to make sure they stay in the hoof. As a water repellent to various hoof abnormalities or conditions. As a thrush management tool for collateral grooves. The wax is malleable enough to be moulded flat, rolled into a worm-like shape, left as a single ball or if you need more than one, roll two together! Why we LOVE Beeswax Pure Balls BEESWAX is amazing especially for hoof issues of all kinds as it is well-known for its protection and healing properties, and when combined with a unique formula and transformed into malleable hoof balls with oils it packs a huge punch in maintaining healthy hooves. Say goodbye to cross-contamination ... Most forms of hoof wax or putty require digging it out of the pot, which introduces bacteria to the product, which is not what we want when where trying to reduce the amount of bacteria our horses hooves come in contact with. This can be avoided when the wax is in ball formation, making it convenient and easy. Make sure the area where you re applying the wax is CLEAN and DRY beforehand. The natural oils in the beeswax REPELS moisture so may not adhere thoroughly otherwise. What s in it? Beeswax (of course) Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark & Melaleuca oils (available in 40 balls per jar only) You can sniff these balls but please - DO NOT EAT, KEEP AWAY FROM SMALL ANIMALS AND CHILDREN. FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY